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“Why Vestrum?” Vestrum are without doubt a leader in their field and stand for uncompromising quality, functionality and style. To be at the top of the sport you have to make sure every detail counts, and Vestrum are the perfect partner in the quest for perfection. I was lucky to join the Vestrum team right at the start of their journey and I’m so proud to be part of them – my partners are part of my family, and I’m excited for the future with Vestrum by my side.

I’m not sure where I would be without horses in my life – they have made me into the man I am today. Not only in a sporting sense with the achievements we have done together, but they have taught me to be ever more patient and understanding, and to know that there is no short cut to success.
The horse is my everything – my passion, my love, my career, my life. Horses keep you in the present, focused on the here and now, and every day they can teach you something new.

There are many horses I have been lucky to ride but three of them are special to me. Regina Z was a horse for me who changed everything, her heart was bigger than any other horse I’ve ridden and she would go above and beyond for me. Emerald and Don VHP Z are two stallions who have also changed the game for me – both incredible athletes in their own right, very different but extraordinary horses in my life.

I am a later bloomer to be honest – I was nearly in my 20’s before jumping higher than 1.30m. I won my first Grand Prix when I was 21 years old and jumped in my first World Cup in 2005 in s’Hertogenbosh. I’ve been very honored to compete alongside some fantastic athletes, both on the Dutch team at the Olympics and in Nations Cups and as part of the Paris Panthers and Montreal Diamonds GCL teams.


“Why Vestrum? I just LOVE all their clothes. It’s super quality, breathable and great fit. Their clothes make me feel confident and very pretty!

I have been riding since I was 6 years old. It’s a special feeling to get the connection with your horse. I love to spend time with them. If I need to choose 3 horses that helped me to delevop in the top sport so far I must say Oz de Breve, Castello and Dalila de la Pomme. Without them I wouldn’t be here today.

My first big win was in Rome GCT GP 2017 with Castello. I was 24 years old and we won the GP, it’s a memory for life. Gothenburg horse show is my favourite because it’s my home show and I have been there since I was very small. When I was younger I could walk around there for hours!


“Why Vestrum? Best quality with all products. Looks smart and very comfortable to wear and, most importantly, ride in. People notice how smart I look in the clothing which means a lot to me.

Horses are my life. Everyday, everything is all about my horses. To get the best results you have to train a lot and build a special bond with them, you have to be willing to understand their minds. Every horse is different.

The first big Grand Prix I won was in Leeuwarden, in front of thousand of people from my own area. I will never forget so many people cheering. It will be a memory that will stay with me for life.

Aachen has the most incredible outdoor show in the world. There is something special about the stadium of Aachen when you ride in through the gate. It is also one of the largest grass arenas in the world. Amsterdam for the indoor show has a special feeling for a dutch rider. The crowds really support their home riders.

The best horses for me are from the VDL Stud: VDL Bubalu and VDL Zirocco Blue.”


“Why Vestrum? My clear choice to be part of the Vestrum Team is because of the outstanding high quality and functional design of their collections.The taste of elegant and classy style is what I also like. Riding and keep on wearing high class fashion when I am on horse back is the goal!!

The horse is the most important part of my life, after family. I grew up as a daughter of horse breeders and I decided that horses are so important to me that I wanted to combine passion and profession. To be around horses and to work with them makes my life very happy! Horses have always been part of my life and I never want to change that. All of the horses I have ridden so far are fantastic and gave their best for me, when the going got tough they filled my heart with deep happiness!!!

I had my first important competition when I was 16 Years old. I presented my first young horse at the „Bundeschampionat“ and we ended up in the finals.

My best human team mates are my husband, my four children and for sure my grooms! Teamwork makes the dream work!”


“Why Vestrum? Vestrum is a brand that fits me because of his elegance, the research of materials for the practice of equitation and the human contact I had with all the Vestrum family!

Horse represents all of my life.
I’m 55 years old but when I go to the stables everyday I feel like a child. It’s a source of happines, horses bring me joy of life everyday.

The first competition at high level was my first CSIO junior, I was in the army at that time.

The best horse of mylife is Venezia d’ecaussinnes.”


“Why Vestrum? I like Vestrum because it’s different from the other brands. It combines elegance and technicity. Vestrum represent the classicity of the equitation with a touch of modernity.

Horses are playmates for me. I learn to know and understand them everyday. I try to create a special bound with all of them. Horses give meaning to my life. In my life is all about this passion that’s also my work. Equitation has a special role in my family. My parents transmitted this passion to me and they put their heart and soul to allowed me to compete at high level. Today the story continues with my younger sisters, I like to take them to the competitions. The competitions defines my schedule but I like it.

My first competition was the CSIOP of Arezzo in 2011. It was the first time I competed in the French team with my pony Jamaica, I was 13 then. I have good memories of it because we ended 3rd in the Nations Cup and I remember the pride of my father when I got on the podium.

The best show in which I participated has been in Stockholm, in the olympic stadium. It’s a unique show. The setting was amazing and the crowd enthusiastic. In that occasion I won the Grand Prix, it’s my best victory so far.

The best horse is my current top horse: Vitto de Cartherey. He’s a fighter with a hearth of gold!


“Why Vestrum? I’m proud to wear Vestrum because their clothes are high-quality with an elegant design, they’re innovative and comfortable at the same time.

Horses are my one and only passion ever since I was a child. They changed my life because my passion became my job over the years.

My best horse is Ottava Meraviglia of Ca’ San Giorgio farm.

The first high-level competition I remember is the one where I weared my red jacket for the first time. It was the CSIO of Budapest, my first Nations cup with the Italian team. I debutted with a double clear round.

I had the opportunity to be at Aachen show jumping in 2018, it’s unique! It’s the temple of the equitation.”

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