Vestrum comes from Latin and means​ for you.

We chose this name because we were born to share our experience in the equitation field through our creations.

Vestrum was born from the ideas of real horse lovers, who experience the effort of training, the agonism and emotions of a race, but also the beauty of being in touch with nature and the conviviality of a riding stable.

Thirty years as a fashion designer, indeed, have never distracted our Head Designer from his greatest passion: horse riding, everyday.

Fabio Calamai knows what riders need, because it’s exactly what he needs

We study each single detail to blend elegance and performance.

Every garment is the result of an original design and complies with specific requirements.

Vestrum wants to be a landmark for professional riders, who seek for practicality, freedom of movement and highest performance.

We are always by their side when training or competing, and also in the spare time thanks to our exquisite sportswear collection.

Vestrum is high technical attitud, Vestrum is exclusive design, Vestrum is timeless.

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